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  • Zinc Sheet Copper Sheet Electrode Assembly Material
  • Zinc Sheet Copper Sheet Electrode Assembly Material
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Zinc Sheet Copper Sheet Electrode Assembly Material

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Model: Fruit battery

Pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative:
In the experiment, the more active metal zinc undergoes oxidation reaction, so the zinc sheet is the negative electrode, and the less active metal copper at the other end is the positive electrode. Light-emitting diodes (LED lights) also have positive and negative poles.

Pay attention to the experimental environment:
The light emitted by the light-emitting diode may be very dark due to the magnitude of the current, so the experiment can be moved to a relatively dark environment.

Pay attention to the connection method:
In the experiment, the two different metal pieces must have a certain distance and cannot touch each other. Two pieces of metal on a wire cannot be placed in the same fruit.
One end of the alligator clip is connected to a copper piece of fruit, and the other end is connected to a zinc piece of another fruit; the two alligator clips connected to the diode cannot touch each other.

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